Team Training

Get Set for Success (Workbook 1)

Saturday 27 January 10.30

Finding your ‘why’, how to achieve your goals, realistic planning

Your 90-day Game Plan

Saturday 3rd February 10.30am

Making a step-by-step plan to get where you want to be 3 months from now

Finding Your Customers

10 February 2018 10.30am

Your website, facebook page, congregations, buyer persona, festivals: valentines day, get fit for spring etc.

Research into Juice Plus Products

17 February 2018 10.30am

Backing up your claims with science, what you can and cannot say, where to find out more qualified information, how to integrate the products into your plans/goals/business etc by backing up your claims with facts.

Compensation & Bonus Scheme

24 February 2018 10.30h

Growing your business, promotions, making the most of the network marketing opportunity (you are not merely a reseller earning commission!)

Building A Team

3 March 2018 10.30h

How to find distributors without annoying your friends!

Taking your Business Online

10 March 2017 10.30h

Social media, web development for the inexperienced and experienced alike, finding your niche, useful websites for a quick start

The importance of MINDSET

Saturday 17th March

A chance to tackle difficulties you may have had, answering difficult questions, overcoming objections, are you where you want be at this stage? 

Promotions & Advertising ideas to win customers and distributors

Saturday 24th March 10.30

What problem are you solving?  What do people need at this time of year and how does your business fit in with that?

Making the most of Social Media

Saturday 7th April 10.30h

Facebook, twitter, linkedin, leveraging your website, does your online persona ‘reach out to’ your buyer persona?

How to make SERIOUS money with your business

Saturday 14th April 10.30h

A chance to look at the big earners, see what they do and how they do it.  Work out where you are in relation to your 90-day plan and draw up the next plan to reach your next set of goals.

The power of events. Maximizing your business growth at next weeks' conference

Saturday 27 April 10.30

Bringing a buddy to events, running your own ‘events’, having a buddy in business,   Now you are a leader and can run through this plan with your own team, beginning with the Birmingham conference on 28 April (next week)