6-week Weight Loss Success Story

The photo you can see here is of a customer who made a remarkable transofrmation in weight managment in the space of six weeks. As he explains in his video, for him it was more than just losing weight, he found he found that his lifestyle choices changed to the extent that even over Christmas he was not overly tempted by all the party food and alcohol that was abundant everywhere he went.

Marc found the diet plan so manageable personally and in terms of family meal times that he decided to encourage others to do what he has done and he decided to pay just £50 for the franchise and set up his own online business showing others how to do what he has done and continues to do. Juice Plus is not a weight loss product per se, it is all about healthy eating and getting the right balance of good and bad gut bacteria in your microbiome (gut environment).

Have a look at Marc's website to check on his progress to date www.HealthyWealthyWeightloss.com

This is often the way this franchise grows, through happy customers telling others about what has worked for them. As a therapist, you are ideally situated to advise your patients on products that will help them and once they see the results, they may well become your best team members in the business.

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