Fed up of last-minute cancellations, no-shows and fewer bookings? Keep your financial health in check when the bills come in but your patients don’t!

Fed up of last-minute cancellations, no-shows and fewer bookings? Keep your financial health in check when the bills come in but your patients don’t!

No clients = No income? NO WORRIES!

Last-minute cancellations, no-show’s, phone goes quiet - how do you handle these problems in your clinic?  Don’t let cash-flow be your downfall!

Certain times of the year seem to be worse than others.  In January your clinic may be busy with people using the gift vouchers they received as a Christmas present, but unless you are very good at budgeting, it can often feel like you are working hard for little reward.   Once the weather gets warmer, all of a sudden everyone feels better and ‘forget to come to their appointment or cancel at the last minute, then in August everyone is on holiday or losing after children!

All sole-traders have to manage their finances year round to allow for these fluctuations and ensure that cash-flow issues do not not put them out of business. 

Most therapy businesses work on a time-for-money basis which means that if you have a client that day, you get paid, but if they do not show up or if bookings go quiet, then your income goes quiet as well. Although the retail part of your business may increase the income per capita from your clients, it will also go quiet if you have fewer people through the door, but you still have to pay for the premises to stock your products and, of course, you have the up-front expense of buying products in for resale.

This franchise opportunity means your only up-front cost is £50 / $50 / €50 for the cost of the franchise, all your training (in products and the business), your website and your virtual office.  Once you have set it up, you will enjoy

Generous commissions and bonuses paid directly into your bank account every month

No shipping or handling, the company takes care of all that as well as any returns.

No need to handle money, just enter the customer’s card details into your back office when you place the order.

A virtual office that calculates your income and allows you to run reports at the touch of a button

No need to buy products up-front for resale

No pressure to sell.  If you have a quite month and make no sales at all, no-one will be breathing down your neck.

The way this business works means that your clients will have the option of spreading the cost of their purchases over four months and your commission will be paid over those four months as well.  This means that if people are feeling flush in the months before Christmas and they order the products then, you will continue to have an income from it in the New Year.  There are further bonuses if you exceed a certain number of sales, there is the chance for rapid promotion and promotion bonuses and if you decide to share this opportunity with other friends or therapists, then you can begin to earn a truly passive income from this business as well. 

Imagine, instead of worrying about patients not turning up for appointments, you will be the one who can go  on holiday safe in the knowledge that there will still be an income into your bank account while you are away from clinic!

Many therapists find that the income from this business can exceed what they earn in their clinic even though they are only doing this business part-time in a way that fits around family and other commitments and the £50 investment is usually recovered in the first month.

On-going training is there for you as well as 1:1 support so there is no risk and everything to gain. 

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